Why us

Gjsteelandwood - that's our brand (why you should choose us!)

Gjsteelandwood (brand operated by SIA Woodflex) is a family-run business based in Latvia, Northern Europe, operating since 2016.
With our strong family bonds, we pour our hearts into crafting steel furniture that stands the test of time.
We're obsessed with quality, even if it means going the extra mile (and yes, sometimes that costs us!).
We believe in creating furniture that becomes a legacy, adding lasting value to your home.

Why steel furniture?

At Gjsteelandwood, we believe in creating furniture that endures, just like your family's heritage. That's why we choose steel - a material that's as strong and resilient as the stories it helps you create.

  1. Steel's inherent strength and stability make it ideal for furniture that can widthstand daily use and the weight of time. Our expert welding techniques ensure each piece is seamlessly tightly joined, creating a structure that won't wobble or weaken.
  2. Resistant to fire, water, and everyday wear, steel furniture can grace any space in your home - from the bathroom and kitchen, to your outdoor patio.
  3. Easy to clean - wipe with a damp cloth and you're good to go most of the time, making maintenance a breeze.
  4. Modern. Combination of materials, shapes and colors makes steel furniture very versatile. Each piece is a statement of your unique style.
  5. Steel furniture is an investment in a greener future. With a lifespan of 15 to 20 years (or more with proper care), you'll reduce waste and save money by choosing lasting quality over fleeting trends.

From homes to public spaces, steel's versatility knows no bounds. Our furniture perfectly fits into a wide range of environments - cafes, restaurants, offices, your home, and more.

  • Gunars

    Production process manager

  • Jekaterina

    Marketing and sales
    Customer service

And the rest of our excellent team with the best specialists in their field (welders, grinders, powder coaters, packers).
Together we are commited to a full production cycle - from a metal pipe to the finished product that arrives at your doorstep.